Bespoke garden house

Bespoke garden house

Looking for a custom garden house? In which you can lounge under your roof on a sultry summer evening. Or in which you can store things such as your garden cushions.

Whatever you want in terms of size, model, garden house with or without a roof, we deliver it. All your wishes can be processed in a 3d drawing. This way you can see exactly what the end result will be and how it will be placed in your garden.

Of course we also have standard models in stock that we can deliver within a few weeks and assemble if desired.

Wooden garden house with roof

When you buy a wooden garden house, you expect to enjoy it for a long time. It is therefore important that your garden house is of good quality. The Woodpro garden houses are made of high-quality spruce wood. This wood comes from northern countries with a cold climate.

Because of this cold climate, the trees grow more slowly. This creates finer annual rings, which ensures an even and strong structure of the wood. We dry the wood back to approximately 14-16% to prevent deformation.

Because we tailor our wood ourselves, the wood parts fit together to the millimeter. All this is reflected in the quality of the wooden garden houses.

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